Amercia Looks at Our Sister Country to Compare Campaign Spending

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September 15, 2012 by amerciagazette

As the campaign for President of Amercia is coming into its own we will probably see outrageous amounts of money being spent on advertising and the like. We, like you, were wondering where all that money comes from. Never having had a presidential election before in our own country, we decided to take a look at our sister country, the United States of America. With a reputation for gluttonous spending in the name of campaigning, we found that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each election cycle. Here in Amercia, we value our public schools, the elderly and programs to better our lives, like the upcoming National Music Festival (free food and music for all).

We decide to share with you, our readers, where the money for these campaigns come from. Here is what we found:

This information was current as of August 21, 2012. We found it through our affiliates in the USA,  Center for Responsive Politics. But wait, there’s more. we discovered that certain industries provide support to these candidates. Here is a breakdown of what looks like.

Another interesting phenomenon that occurs in the USA is something called a “Super PAC”. Now you may be wondering what that is, I know I did. Well, PAC stands for Political Action Committee, and they are Super because of the amount of money they can collect for a candidate but not give to them directly.

Here is the definition: political committees that may raise and spend unlimited money to independently support or oppose candidates.

Super PACs may not make contributions to candidate campaigns or parties, but may engage in unlimited political spending independently of the campaigns. Also unlike traditional PACs, they can raise funds from corporations, unions and other groups, and from individuals, without legal limits. Now that really is “SUPER”!Now, let’s look at what these Super PACs have done for the US candidates.

As if all of this money was not enough, they have yet another form of funding, Joint Fundraising. No, this is not when they sit around smoking a joint and calling people asking for money, like some of our candidates in Amercia, it is a collection of donors that write one check to the campaign. Here is how this all works:

To all of the candidates out there in Amercia, there may be some ideas for you to pursue with your own fundraising. I would like to think that we do not waste our money in this way, but apparently it is a necessary thing in an election. We hope you find our writing useful and informative.

Wishing you all the happiest of days with your “NEW News”!


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