ATTENTION AMERCIA -The Candidates Have Announced Their Names

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September 20, 2012 by amerciagazette

The event we have all been waiting for…

Announcing the candidates for the office of President of Amercia!

Republicans –

Mary Ann Taylor – Conservative, House of Representatives from Taxes (remember, this is Amercia, we spell how we want)

Robert Lawrence – Conservative, Businessman, has never held office

Hugh Jass – Conservative, sitting Governor of Taxes

Rachael Martinez – Conservative, former Senator from Pennsylvania

Brandii Matthews – Conservative, Arizona, just a small town girl with big dreams

Max Powers – Why, Rkansas, Conservative, former Governor

Samantha Adams – former Governor of Massassetts

Democrats –

Alexis Alvarez -Progressive, Mayor from California

Jared Kraham – Senator form the great state of Ny.

Albus Potter – Senator, Illnoise, “Candidate for Change”

Bencroft Countryman -Blue Dog (moderate to conservative) Senator, Virginia, Retired Military general

Rachel Rey – “New Democrat” (identified with centrist social/cultural/pluralist positions and neo-liberal fiscal values), Head of Democratic Coalition, hails from Rochester, Ny

Carter Rhodes – TV personality and political pundit

Jacob Jones – Senator, Pennsylvania “I will fulfill the Amercian dream and look pretty damn fine while doing so.”

These are our candidates folks. It is never too early to find out more about them so I have included links to their sites or twitter when possible. Remember, an educated voter makes an educated vote. So we encourage you to become familiar with the candidates and to ask questions.

We wish to offer you a warning – let us learn from the past so we may enrich the future. Take a look at this commercial from 1964.

Follow along with Amercia Gazette as we bring you, our readers, the most up to date reporting of the campaign progress. Check back for our posting of live recorded interviews with each of the candidates so you can hear their own words.

Signing off- Amercia Gazette – “Bring you the NEW News of Amercia”


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