Trouble in Paradise for Gov. Hugh Jass

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September 22, 2012 by amerciagazette

Our first candidate to make a fatal error – Gov. Hugh Jass has made false claims about an endorsement from Speaker of the Whit House, Anthony Rotolo. The campaign team of Gov. Jass released a statement that indicted this endorsement. Mr. Rotolo denies giving the endorsement. Could this be a fatal mistake on the part of Gov. Jass and his campaign?

Gov Hugh Jass

Has Gov. Jass  fallen into the pit as many Presidential Candidates from the USA have before. Let’s compare some of the faux pas that have happen in recent races there.

The New York Times states -“Presidential campaign history overflows with candidates who tripped over their own loose tongues — some obscuring their actual meaning, others accidentally revealing it. Even a cursory analysis shows that well over 47 percent of races for the White House have seen a candidate suffer self-inflicted wounds.”

Evidence of this in US recent history is easy to find. (read more here) Tongue tripping has a long history in politics. It is the statements of the candidates themselves that frequently seal their fate of doom. Most recently we have heard news of Mitt Romney making statements that alienate almost have of the USA population. It comments that were made to a private fundraising group behind closed doors made a splash on the internet. This propelled Romney into an uncertain position. We will see how he fairs beyond his harsh words. (View video here)

When Barack Obama interviewed on the David Letterman show he had some comments of his own to make. He stated ” If you want to be the president you have to work for all of the people not just some of the people.” This seems to be a fair statement. He did not take the opportunity to harshly attack Romney and the Republican party, instead he used the it to take the high road.

Romney did give a valiant effort in defense of his statement. He did not back away from his statements and held to the fact that this was his belief but that it could have stated more eloquently. What effect will his statements have on his election chances? Only time will tell.

If the election were held to day how would each candidate do? Our polls show this outcome:

There is still time to change voters minds. The pressure in on for both candidates in this election. It is our expectation that we will see the Democrats using Romney s words against frequently for the rest of the campaign while Obama himself will not directly bash Romney.

Let the political games continue! Stay with as we follow the election here in Amercia as well as our sister country, USA.

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