1. Raja Sinha says:

    I think that Microsoft just lowered themselves here, Screw Google ( scroogle ) is basically what they are trying to say. They then try and sell outlook instead. IN the last 4-5 years I have noticed many people leaving outlook to use gmail .. why.. because the access point for personal and business emails can be made anywhere.. well with outlook you would have to carry the computer you installed the software. Atleast that`s how I used my outlook.

    I think Google should do something to address this privacy issue and I think they will. Its just a matter of time. I don`t think we need to throw the baby with the water here. Google and Apple will always be 2-3 steps ahead of Microsoft .

    I think its just a matter of time before Microsoft starts saying “Scrapple” .. use our lovely windows 8 instead cos IOS Sux!.. As you can see I find this thing was handled in real bad taste by Microsoft.

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